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Lawn Mowing



Sutter Brothers Lawn Care offers reliable lawn care

to residential and commercial clients alike. 


​ We Offer:

            Weekly Lawn Mowing 

            (Includes: Sidewalk Edging,

             Trimming,  & Blowing off of

             all sidewalks & Driveways)




  • ​7 Day Service Only

(NOTE: We mow from 3rd Week in April - Until the Grass Stops Growing)


Our customers tell us that we are the most reliable lawn care service in the Lansing area and here is why...

We show up on time when we say we will. We try to mow your lawn on the same day of every week. (Disclaimer: If there is inclement weather we will try and let you know if we will not be able to mow your grass on your scheduled day, but we will reschedule to closest available day.
We take care to clean out flower beds of leaves and debris so that your landscaping always looks pristine.
We always blow off all walkways and driveways when we are done mowing your lawn.
We take care to close yard gates and leave your yard in a pristine condition. 
We take care to remove debris from your yard before doing any mowing or trimming. We move toys, yard ornaments (if safely movable), and yard furniture before we mow your lawn. We work hard to protect your property from damage related to our work. We are careful and respectful. Just is case damage does occur we are fully insured. 

Money Back Guarantee

If at any time, for any reason, you are unhappy with the service

provided, simply let us know, and we will come back and fix it no questions asked. If for whatever reason you are still unsatisfied, we will pay a competitor of your choosing to fix it.

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